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they may be. Whatever she desirers, was forthwith procured disregarding the costs and consequences. Her drapery, chiefly of silk and velvet, was inconceivably costly and of the select fibre manufactulred specially at Banaras  and Kashmere. Her Jewellery was worth several lakes of Rupees, some pieces being specially imported from paris for her sake. A commodious and luxurious Rolls-Royce Car was ever at her command when she wanted to go out for her morning or evening trips. For long journeys, a special compartment attached to His Highness’ Special Train was always reserved on her”(Translative).

              After ten years of such  luxurious life, it appears that Mumtaz happened to incur the displeasure of the Maharaja, for resons unknown. Any how she wanted to escape from the Indore palace and she contrived to do it at Dellii Station en route to Mussurie, were she was going under the orders of the Maaharaja, escorted by an officer of the state. No sooner did the train steam into the station than this women of conspiring ability, feigned swooning. The officer in charge hurriedly manage to remove her to the waiting room. While he was going to run for the doctor's, Mumtaz got up on her legs of a sudden and raised a hue and cry to call in the British Police. She vehemently alleged that the officer in question .was taking forcibly where she did not want to go and appealed for British protection. The officer boldly denied all knowledge of any force or coercion and clearly told the Police authorities that he was escorting her to Mussurie by orders of his master His Highness the Maharaja Holkar The Police by all means were not and of course could not be the judges of such a peculiar situation. They told Mumtaz to go anywhere she liked.. Mr. Sule, the officer in charge, telegraphed his report to His Highness, who, it is reported, said  with great relief, at The “dragon at last is of for good.” From Delhi, Mumtaz went to Amritsar and after a short stay there, came down to Bomay to lead a life of actual prostitution. Her conspiracy, contrived with the secret help of her mother, step father, and similar other elements of the rougher type, was successful, inasmuch as she not only managed to fly away from the zenana-control Of the Maharaja, but which an extradition warrant of the Indore State still remains uncancelled. She was soon introduced to Mr. Abdul Kadar Bawla, a wealthy and pleasure-hunting youth of Bombay and she remained with him as his “kept” till his and her Dooms Day, the 12 th of  January

                               Who was Mr. Bawla ?

          Mr. Abdul Kadkr Bawla appears to be one of those beings, whom death brings prominently to the notic of the world. He was quite an unknown persons to the public at large till last day of his life Though his untimely death deserves warm tears pity and though we cannot but pity the end he met on account of his rash and unthoughtful habit of