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actual facts proved in the Court of Law.

             The Bombay police, famous for 'their masterly grip over criminal clues, at once fortified all possible avenues and lost no movement to scatter their hounds to trace the culprits and their den. The briskness displayed by them was most commendable. They discovered most of the clues in about a couple of ' days, and succeeded in locating the whole chain of the crime in about a week. They proved beyond doubt that the murder in question was an act, not of not of one man, but of a regular gang of some men. But it must be borne in mind that the Vigilance of the shrewd Bombay Police could not find even a passing shadow to carry the guilt of this dastardly attempt to the very throne of the Maharaja Holkar. The news-regshowling for the dethronement of Tukojirao Holkar, should either be bold to accuse the Bombay Police authorities of foul play and bribery, or withdraw the fangs of their malicious aspersions with apology if they still retain a particle of gentlemanliness in theme Let us, however, turn to the “Who’s Who”of the per- sons involved in this sensational tragedy, as without it, we shall not be in a correct position to diagnose the truth from the heap of lies manufactured by the mischievous news-rags. We shall first welcome Mumtaz Begum the notorious but  unfortunate Heroine of  this tragic drama.

 Mumtaz Begum .

            It is shame to compare this strumpet with Emperor Shehajahan's consort   Mumtaz, of Historical fame, whose chastity and faith the memorable Taj meal of Agra still kings on the banks of Jamnabanana's Mumtaz is a bloodthirsty Temptress, a regular Adventuress, whose motive is no greater thank to lure wealthy youths into the traps of her youthful grace squeeze as much wealth as she  could from them. She is the daughter of a professional songstress and dancer named Vazir Begtlm. It is common knowledge that songstresses carry on also the lucrative trade of prostitution though many prefer to hide it behind a transparent veil by keeping to regular husband. Vazir Begum, the mother of temptress Mumtaz, can scarcely be accused of chastity. even though she prides herself as the wife of a second husband in the person of  Mahomed Alli, who professes himself as a “Race punters”  The bud of Mumtaz's youth blossomed while sloe was at endorse, and the Maharaja was pleased to give her the honour. Of remaining in his Royal Palace as his “concubine” Mr. Blake who once happened to be the Royal Guest of His Highness Tukojirao Holkar, describes the pomp and luxury of Mumtaz in a certain English Journal in following words :--

                     “Mumtaz enjoyed the choicest forms of luxury and pomp, Which Westerners can seldom even imagine. Out of the nine palaces of His Highness, she was at liberty to use any at any time as may please her pleasure. Hundreds of' maid servants were ready at her disposal to safeguard her comforts and carry out her wishes whatever