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Bombay, the whole of India, nay even the indifferent shores of the British Isles be vibrating with its details? Why are the Bombay Journals making a crow of mere feathers over this ordinary incident? Murder in an Indian village may mean something serious; but what value His it in a thickly populated City like Bombay? It is in event of everyday occurrence. In the present instance a conspiracy has been located which caused this murder. But we are sure, there is every likelihood of another conspiracy 'in existence under the chairs of those journals, who are still howling like vindictive wolves to seek the confiscation of a big progressive Indian State, simply on the score of this trifling incident of the murder of a man, whose worth the howling journalists have still to prove. Let us see, therefore, in short, how this crime was perpetrated.

           The tragedy owes its inception to a fair-faced and foul-hearted strumpet named Mumtaz Begum. On January 12 th as usual, she was enjoying motor rides with her lover Mr. Abdul Kadar Bawla from this end of Bombay to that .At about 7 in the evening, while Bawla's motor was flashing past the Hanging Gardens.

 on the Malabar Hill, a Red Maxwell car gave it a close chase and just near the curve opposite Malabar Hill Post Once, the latter bumped Bawla's car from  behind and stopped it on the spot. The Maxwellians immediately besieged Bawla's car, in which were sealed Bawla in the middle, and Mumtaz and his Secretary Mr. Mathews on his two sides. The besiegers immediately fired pistol shots at Bawla and his Secretary, and belaboured Mumtaz with knife strokes on her forehead. The

 scuffle soon resulted in bloodshed. Bawla fell down wounded. Mathews fainted. Mumtaz was dragged to the Maxwell car. But in the mean time, the pistol allots attracted a couple of European Sergeants on the spot from the Willingdon sports Club hard by. With a dash of bravery unique in men of their rank, the sergeants ran to the rescue of  Mumtaz and Bawla and boldly grappled with one culprit, who.

 was consequently caught red-handed with the assistance of Police, who soon arrived on the scene of this bloody action. Other Maxwellians finding their plan frustrated, immediately bolted away with full speed Alicia disappeared. Bawlaj, Mumtaz and Mathews were taken to the hospital, and the culprit was sent to the cells, Bawla, in spite of prompt surgical aid, died a few hours later in the hospital. Mumtaz and Mathews, however survived their mortal ordeal of life. This is in short the story of the tragic event, which has steeped Bombay in particular and India in general, into so much sensation and excitement. Who were those Maxwellians ? Why wanted they. to murder Bawla ? Who is this strumpet Mumtaz ? Let us step into the clambers of the second chapter to study all these points in details,


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  THE NEWS of the tragic event. spread through the vast city of