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murder of an unimportant man like Bawla, those who still hunger and thirst for the Royal blood of endure, were dead cold like stone statues when Dyers and Odwyers of Punjab fame escaped scat-free with magnificent ensigns if at holes. Do these scandalmongers think that murders and other atrocious crimes pass unpunished in Indian States? As regards the Maharaja Holkar, his sense of humanity and kindness is evident in the fact that hi has put a stop to the barbarous custom of hanging the offenders on the gallows. There are about a quarter dozen such  offenders, published by the Sessions Court of Indore to be hanged, serving only a lifelong' term of imprisonment in the Jail. To accuse such a humane Maharaja with some thing bordering on actual murder, is nothing short of a mentality rotten to the core with brutal and beastly elements. There are conspiracies, murders, rapes, zuloofn, arrogant officialdom in indian States as well as in British Khalsa. No administration can escape their ravages. But that can seldom justify a cry of maladministration. Can any body say with any weight of argument or voice of authority that the Jallianwalla massacre had any nothing to do with H. E. the viceroy ? was the Dharwar firing ordered by H. E. the Governor of Bombay ? What responsible officer gave a permit to scoundrel Adsool to commit inhuman rape on unfortunate Jijabai ? How many abductions of men women and children, how many murders on account of lave affairs, how many suicides and how many conspiracies are daily unravelled by the British Police in British In Indian Territory? Thousands and even more. But can that be taken to mean maladministration in British india? Surely not.