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beautiful maidens, in attractive drapery and making the best of themselves in all respects, move to and fro laughing, smiling, frolicking and cutting jokes to their merriment. Youths of similar moods follow these attractive bands and labour to make their existence felt by any and all possible means There sits lonely in his motor car, apparently a wealthy fat Bhatia, with his eyes gazing aimlessly on the vast expanse of the sea, and his face marred with care which seems to have sat heavily upon his brow. Here in a secluded corner lies an honest College Student deeply engrossed in his book, in thorough disregard of the bustle going around him. Far away from the congregation on the shore and seated on the top of some rocks in the sea, are noticed some Hindu widows full of youthful grace, sorrowfully brooding over the insults and injustice thrust on them by the arrogant Hindu Society for no fault of theirs. There goes a stream of men women and children towards the Babulnath ascent of steps, to offer salutations and prayers to God Shiva; and here beside the main cock of the Reservoir on hill, we spy a gang of notorious "Mavalis" of Bombay, cautiously thinking of hatching some conspiracy for their business of the night. The Band Stand attracts a number of ladies and gentlemen mostly from the Parsi Class, pretending to take a deep interest in those western musical tunes and showing an air of utter contempt for Indian Music as an out-of- date and useless means of entertainment. Turn your back on the Back Bay and come to the top of the Malabar Hill by the convenient ascent popularly known as "Shiri Road.''

  Every evening Malabar Hill presents a show of the Blissful Kingdom of the God Cupid. Merry couples not necessarily married, make the Hill their pleasant retreat to exchange their plans of the future. The bowers of the Pherozsha Mehta Gardens are fully occupied by young lovers, whispering in inaudible language what they think of each other and how they could get themselves united by the celesital tie of marriage in the near future. Hear site alert an anxious maiden awaiting the blissful noise of her lover's footsteps, who is already "too late." Her heart is a screen exhibiting several pictures of imagination some time inspiring   faith and some time terrorizing the tender susceptibilities of her mind with dreadful   scenes of an accident. In another bower we find an impatient youth, perturbed with excitement for not finding his "sweet love'' at the appointed moment; and not knowing whether she is detained at home by her "obstinate parents" or he is lost sight of by her in oblivion.

  Hundreds of motor cars are flying defiantly with monstrous speed, crushing mercilessly under their stone-hearted wheels here a cock, a cat, a dog and there a hackney horse or an unfortunate pedestrian too. There goes a big bellied Bania, with his ship-sized turban towering on head, in his luxurious Rolls- Royce. In close chase runs a tidy Ford packed up