The Temptress

बावला मुमताज प्रकरणा त इंदौरचे तत्कालीन संस्थानिक तुकोजीराजे होळकर यांची बदनामी करण्यात आली. प्रबोधनकार तुकोजीराजेंच्या बाजूने उभे राहिले. त्यासाठी त्यांनी तीन पुस्तकं लिहिली. प्रबोधनाच्या त्या बजरंगी सोट्या चे दर्शन या इंग्रजी पुस्तकात घडते.


“The time is out of joint ; ­­- O cursed spite,

 That ever I was born to set it right.”

 -         Shakespear.



  A disclosure of

 Solid facts concerning


 Wrought by her Foul Heart behind

 Her Fair Face.

   By :- K. S. THACKERAY

  Price : Six Annas

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The Manager,  Prabodhan office,345 Sadashiv peth, Poona City

  Printed and published at the Prabodhan Press,

 345 Sadashiv Peth, Poona City,

 By K. S. Thackeray

  It is painful to witness the many who feed and fatten upon scandal, -who lacerate and suck the blood of the worthiest men, giving full Scope to their villainous weapons. for no end I can see, but because, being themselves in the sink of all vice and Iniquity, cowardly and behind a screen they would drag down to the same abominable vileness the fair reputation and honorable purposes of the most unblemished men and women. They play a game between truth and falsehood, between sincerity and sport: they make no difference between things good and evil; calling bitter sweet and sweet bitter; and, being themselves divested of virtue; of religion of honor, broken in name, which therefore they dare not avow, ruined         in prospects, they do wreak the malignity with which the devil hath stocked them     withal, in reward for their souls sold over to his service. - E Irving.


 In offering to the public this little book on the Bawla Mumtaz Tragedy, the writer is prompted by the one sincere and single motive of laying his finger on the bare truth of that affair. As time rolls on, the details of this piece of history may evaporate, and the filthy attempt to blacken the fair name of H. H. the maharaja   Tukoji Rao Holkar of Indore may so far be forgotten that its very existence may be questioned. It is, however, the duty of a historian faithfully to record an event so outstanding, to place it in the right perspective, and to see that its real meaning is not hidden from the public gaze. The task was not quite agreeable to the present writer; but the falsehoods, which were heaped upon the whole affair by designing men, made him realise that it was his bounden duty to undertake the work. lf this little book succeeds in enlightening the readers on the many knotty points connected  with this  tragedy, the writer will feel that all his voluntary labours are amply compensated for.


 345 Sadashiv Peth, 

K.  S. Thackeray

 Poona city.

 15th. Sept, 1925.

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